6 Steps to Adding Central Air without Tearing Up Your Home


Old Home Journal and OldHouseOnline partnered with Unico to host a webinar on Feb. 22 to discuss how small-duct heating and air conditioning can bring your older home the modern comfort you want.

As owners of older homes. we can all be pretty protective (some might say over-protective) of any change or upgrade that might impact our home's architectural integrity. After all, most of us invested in an older home because of its charm and originality.

But while we want to preserve the original features, we also want to live in comfort. Today's central heating and air conditioning systems can bring you that comfort, at better efficiency than AC window units, baseboard heaters and old furnaces. But installation often requires adding soffits or drop ceilings to cover up the bulky ductwork. Suddenly your home loses part of its charm, not to mention the precious space in closets and attics you might have to sacrifice.

How can you get modern, more energy efficient central air without disrupting your home's unique qualities?

Watch our webinar to learn about small-duct systems that old home enthusiasts have turned to for more than 30 years.

Topics include:

Why make a change?

  • Facts about small-duct systems, how they work and how they are installed for the least disruption
  • How to find an expert installer who will keep the preservation of your home's architecture top of mind
  • Equipment options including custom "outlets" that deliver heating and cooling unobtrusively to each room
  • Cost of equipment and installation
  • Warranties and servicing

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