Maximize Comfort and Efficiency this Spring and Summer


Your home’s inside air quality and comfort is key while working or educating at home during this time of social distancing. Given you are already around the house, now is a great time to prep your Unico or traditional HVAC system for the upcoming Spring and Summer Cooling Season.

These 5 simple tips can go a long way in improving the quality of your indoor air, while maximizing comfort and energy efficiency:

  • Visual Inspection and Cleaning of your System’s Filters. It’s a great time to ensure your filters are clean / replaced to minimize spring pollen, dust, and other indoor allergens. The benefits of having clean filters are numerous. Clean filters provide better indoor air quality while allowing your system to work more efficiently and under less stress. When working more efficiently your system consumes less energy while maximizing its performance.


  • Ensure Drain Tubes and Drain Pans are Free and Clear of Sediment, this allows moisture to flow freely away and out of system, thus minimizing any corrosion and buildup of materials. Similar to air filters, if your drain tubes and drain pans are well maintained, it will lead to improved system performance as the system will run and perform the way it was designed for many years to come.


  • Remove debris, leaves, grass clippings and any other overgrown yard items that may have accumulated around your outside unit. Similar to indoor filters, by removing leaves and other debris that may have built up from the previous season on the veins and coils of the outside unit, it allows the system to perform better. Always ensure bushes and other ornamental yard or garden items are free and clear of the system so the unit has proper air flow around the outdoor unit. Keeping the outside system clear of debris extends the overall life of the system that is constantly being challenged by changing weather conditions.


  • If Your Programmable Thermostat has batteries as part of its battery back-up system, ensure you install a fresh set of batteries at the start of the Spring / Summer season. Similar to smoke detectors, a good rule of thumb is when you change your clock for daylight savings time, change your thermostat batteries. This will ensure if they are ever called upon in a power outage, your system settings will be maintained.


  • Review the Thermostat program settings for spring / summer to ensure the desired program times and temps are set to maximize comfort and energy efficiencies. Energy authorities have indicated each degree of a cooling setting can equate to approximately 3% in energy cost, so modifying the temperature in your home by just 3 to 4 degrees can save 9-12% in energy cost when many of the steps above are taken to ensure a clean running system is in place.

If you have questions about your HVAC system, or if you need replacement filters or assistance, many Unico contractors continue to schedule calls specifically for emergency or replacement situations. Unico is backing them up with parts availability and technical assistance to ensure your family’s comfort and convenience is addressed as quickly as possible. If you don’t have a contractor in your area, please use our contractor locator to find the nearest Unico Preferred Contractor.

If for some reason a contractor is not in your area or can’t meet your needs for filters and replacement parts, you can review and Shop Spare Parts online within the Unico website.


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