The Unico System is the solution.

The Unico System is an extremely efficient small duct central HVAC system that uses a plenum (main duct) just one-third the size of conventional systems and delivers conditioned air throughout your home via flexible supply tubing that terminates in a variety of unobtrusive round or slotted outlets that virtually disappear into any décor.

Small Footprint:

Modular Air Handlers -

Easily installed above ceilings, in crawlspaces, closets, basements, or attics.

Smaller Plenum (Main Duct) – 

One-third the size of conventional systems and available in round, square, or rectangular configurations. 

Flexible Supply Tubing –

Available in two sizes (88.9mm o.d./51mm i.d. or 102mm o.d./64mm i.d.) and four insulation thicknesses, Unico supply tubing weaves through existing cavities in your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors eliminating the need for costly and disruptive renovation.

Unobtrusive Outlets – 

Available in round (127mm o.d./51mm i.d.) or slotted (25.4mm x 203.2mm configurations), unobtrusive Unico outlets come in a variety of plastic finishes or wood species and can be painted, stained, or wallpapered to virtually disappear in any decor.

Big Comfort:

Draft-free, even temperatures –

The Unico System works on the principle of aspiration,  creating a gentle suction around the delivery outlet that draws room air into its stream of conditioned air, eliminating drafts and hot/cold spots, and providing even temperatures from ceiling to floor, room to room.

Superior humidity control –

Unico cooling coils remove 30% more moisture than conventional AC systems.  This is not only beneficial in geographies with humid climates, but also offsets the humidity caused by activities within today’s tighter homes. Occupants in homes equipped with The Unico System can feel just as comfortable at higher thermostat settings, adding to the system’s energy efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Because Unico ducting is so tightly sealed, there is less opportunity for the entrapment and dispersal of allergens or other contaminants and fresh, outside air is easy to incorporate into the air handler configuration.

Whisper Quiet –

Unico supply ducting is constructed of sound dampening materials, ensuring whisper quiet operation — demonstrably quieter than conventional systems or high-wall. 

Huge Energy Savings -

Conventional forced-air systems can lose as much as 40% of their conditioned air but  Unico’s smaller, tighter ducts lose virtually none of their conditioned air through leaks or transference. When matched with any major high-SEER outdoor unit, you can be sure The Unico System is providing actual delivered efficiency.  Unico blowers are also available with programmable, variable speed and electronically commutated motors that use less electricity than their conventional counterparts.