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Bob Vila - How to Choose a Minisplit

November 28, 2016

Bob Vila highlights Unico System for rooms that are hard to heat and cool


Did you catch the latest article from on mini-splits? Unico's iSeries is recommended as a great, energy-efficient choice for rooms that are too hot or too cold. Click here to read!

Get rewarded for installing energy efficient Unico System HVAC for older homes

September 29, 2016

Did you know that when you select the energy-efficient Unico System, the rewards can go beyond a lower monthly utility bill? Hundreds of energy rebates are available across the U.S., ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on where you live and the size and type of system you install.

These rebates come from several sources including municipalities, utility and power companies, joint government-power company initiatives and non-profits.

To help you find rebates in your area, we've assembled a listing by state of available programs with brief descriptions of what they offer. Please be aware that many of these organizations change rebate programs annually, so be sure to check with your local provider for current information.

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Unico Contractor Featured in HVACR Business Magazine

August 16, 2016

We're proud to share a magazine article featuring our long-time Unico System contractor and friend in New York, Michael Carlo.  He and his brother, Matthew, have been installing the Unico System for residential and commercial customers for close to 20 years.  They are co-owners of Innovative Air Solutions.  Click here to read about how the brothers started their HVAC business from scratch and how they have evolved and grown.

Historic Hemingway Home Beats the Heat and Humidity with The Unico System

August 08, 2016

Hemingway HouseThe iconic American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, never got to enjoy the modern comfort of air conditioning at his Key West home. But visitors to his former residence can now tour the home in complete comfort thanks to The Unico System! The small-duct system was recently installed in the Hemingway Home and Museum.

(Photo by Rob O'Neal Photography )

Click here to see the article featured on

The National Trust for Historic Preservation also featured an article about the Hemingway Home's air conditioning system.  Click here to read it.  

Unico Invests $2.0 Million in New Headquarters in Arnold

July 22, 2016

Unico IncSt. Louis, Missouri (July 21, 2016)—  A new $2.0 million building renovation allows locally-owned Unico, Inc., to consolidate all operations and employees at its Arnold, Missouri, facility. Unico, maker of small-duct and ductless heating and air conditioning systems, built the facility as a manufacturing plant in 2007, but kept its original headquarters location in St. Louis. Now, with the construction of new offices, conference and training areas, and a research and development space, the Unico headquarters was relocated to the Arnold facility in June. 

- Click here to read the full release.

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Able Distributors Blog Post | Unico Outlets

July 15, 2016

Unico Outlets: Comfort & Design


HVAC equipment doesn’t always play nice when it comes to interior design. Whether it’s bulky radiators disrupting the flow of a room or mini split indoor units taking up space for paintings, it’s easy for heating and cooling systems to compromise the vision that homeowners have for their décor. Even standard registers can stick out like a sore thumb in the wrong environment. These things might not seem like a big deal to contractors, it’s the cost of staying comfortable, but offering an option that suits the design sensibilities of the homeowner can be the difference between a huge job and a “no thank you.” 

Click here to continue reading.

 By Myles Kleeman - 7/12/16

On the fence about getting a small-duct system?

June 27, 2016

You’ve heard about the Unico System, perused our website, and educated yourself on the advantages of small-duct HVAC.

You know The Unico System is energy-efficient, quiet, and hides discreetly in small spaces so that you can preserve your home’s special architectural features like high ceilings and lovely moldings. You’re thrilled to learn that no drop ceilings or soffits are needed, and the installation itself has a minimal impact in homes.

But you’re just not sure if small-duct is really everything it seems to be. It’s time to get answers! Our technical and sales staff at Unico are anxious to connect with you and answer your questions! We provide excellent training and support so that every Unico installation is successful and leads to happy customers.

We might also suggest that you reach out directly to one of our Preferred Unico Contractors in your area. In order to qualify to be on this list, each contractor must complete Unico’s online and in-person training sessions and reviews, and meet requirements for a minimum number of installations.

Finding inspiration in an old beach house

June 13, 2016

As the weather warms up, our thoughts turn to summertime and vacations. And, perhaps surprisingly, to a rundown beach house in New York. This 1932 bungalow overlooking Truesdale Lake definitely needed some TLC, but its new owner decided to embark on a major renovation that would preserve its summer cottage feel while making it a place of beauty and respite.

The results are stunning. Working with architect/builder Absolute Green Homes, the owner achieved a super-efficient, “net zero” energy home that is so efficient and livable that it won the Green Builder “Green Home of the Year Award for Best Renovation. “ And you’ll never guess what type of air conditioning system the architect specified... Click here to see the beautiful renovated beach house!

Click here to see "before" and "after" photos of this beach house renovation.

Win a Trip for Two to Key West!

May 31, 2016

Unico is proud to partner with Bob Vila to offer a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a weekend getaway to Key West, Florida! The trip includes behind-the-scenes, private tours of the famous Hemingway Home & Museum, and the Harry S. Truman Little White House. Both museums feature the Unico System!

The Hemingway museum recently installed the system, and the curator told us it’s been a great relief for visitors, especially in the hottest months of the summer, when at least one tourist fainted every week or so during the tour.

The curator and board had wanted to install air conditioning for many years, but strict architectural rules from the local historical preservation organization prevented this from happening. Central air wouldn’t work because it would require the build-out of soffits for the ductwork, which would disrupt the architectural integrity of the home. Window units were out of the question since Hemingway lived there in the 1930s, well before the advent of air conditioning. Again, it would mar the original building architecture and be an inaccurate representation of the home as it was used by Hemingway and his family.

Now the museum has central air, the small ducts hidden away in wall cavities and above ceilings. Small wood outlets evenly deliver the air throughout the home.

Click here for more details on the contest and to enter for a chance to win!

Unico: The HVAC system editors love

May 24, 2016

Find out why editors of three major home and renovation media outlets love The Unico System!

  • In a U.S. News & World Report article called “5 Rules for Updating an Old Home”, two different architectural design and restoration consultants called out The Unico System as a brand of heating and cooling system that is well-suited to an older home. We tend to agree! 
  • Bob Vila’s website,, recently published an article about how to green your home with a small-duct HVAC system. If features Unico’s infographic outlining all the green benefits of our system. Check it out here
  • Old Home Journal featured the Unico System in its article: “Do’s and Don’ts for HVAC Retrofits.” 
    It’s an interesting overview of how central heating has evolved since its beginnings in the 1800s as a coal-fired, gravity hot-air system to today’s modern solutions including the Unico small-duct system. 

As you can see from these articles, The Unico System and iSeries offer numerous benefits including energy efficiency, seamless integration and quiet operation.

Want to find out more about how the Unico System could work in your home? Click on our “Preferred Installing Contractor” page and find a contractor in your area. Set up a free in-home visit and you’ll see how the small ducting can hide in wall, ceiling and floor cavities to deliver cooling (and heating, if needed). You’ll be surprised at the versatility and flexibility of our system!