Spot Cooling

In the industrial world, the heat during the summer months can become both a health consideration and a production concern - especially for production line employees or distribution center workers who work around machinery that generates additional heat.

For many years, plant managers and owners have struggled with this problem of how to adequately provide cooling for their workers to insure peak production and a safe working environment. Unico, Inc. offers an efficient and economical solution: Spot Cooling with The Unico System

Treat the Worker, Not the Space

The Unico System Spot Cooling's 2" inner diameter supply tubing allows conditioned air to be delivered directly to the immediate area or spot surrounding the factory worker. It's a source of effective relief - without the expensive undertaking associated with conditioning the entire factory.

Extremely Affordable and Flexible

Spot Cooling eliminates the need to air condition an entire factory floor or work space. It also eliminates the need for costly and space-wasting cool rooms. And, although Spot Cooling offers a permanent solution, it's highly adaptable and flexible. It can easily be reconfigured as workers move within their stations or as the production line is modified.

The Unico System Spot Cooling has been used in applications such as:

Public Golf Range

This public golf range, located in Korea, had a problem attracting customers during the day to the three-tiered facility due to high heat and humidity. Unico Spot Cooling provided a curtain of cool air around customers. This system was designed to “shoot” air in a tight 12-inch column straight down so the golf clubs would not hit the pipes. Additional systems were installed above benches to cool guests as they waited or watched. The golf course was able to advertise that their driving range was cool during the day, not just at night when most of their customers were originally there. Business increased immediately and the day appointments were as full as the nights’.

Automotive Dealer Repair Shop

Repair technicians in this Jacksonville, Florida Porsche Dealership had their work bays cooled in the spots where they spend 75% of their time. After receiving constant complaints that employees could not keep cool and function at their highest capabilities with the service doors opening and closing all day, the dealership searched for a sensible solution that would efficiently provide relief. Unico Spot Cooling was the solution. Management wanted to retain top-notch mechanics by providing them a comfortable work environment. Morale and productivity increased. Not only management and employees saw the results, but Porsche owners having their vehicles serviced appreciated the faster repair times and quality service.

Assembly/Production Lines

This Unico Spot Cooling system was installed over a 60-foot conveyor belt assembly line in a Louisiana window manufacturing facility. The metal building had a serious problem with heat, humidity and lack of air flow. Temperatures averaged 110 degree in the summer months. Employees went home feeling sick and drained from working in such a hot environment. Unico Spot Cooling provided an affordable solution to the company’s dilemma, increasing morale and productivity while decreasing out-of-control temperatures and employee absenteeism.

Technical Note: Technote 111 Guidelines for Spot Cooling Applications (PDF 300KB) - June 1999