What is the Unico System?

Small system, huge opportunity

Your customers have a lot of choices when it comes to indoor comfort products and the specialists who install them. Today's homeowners are armed with a wealth of online information about the features and benefits of various central air products and, likewise, they investigate the reputation and experience of HVAC contractors.

Technician installing Unico System supply tubing

Set yourself apart by offering your customers the best air conditioning system on the market, the Unico System.

The Unico System is small, a lot smaller than conventional systems. And that provides big advantages to HVAC installers. Whether you are adding air conditioning to existing homes, outfitting new custom homes, or simply replacing old systems, the Unico System fits where others can't.

Instead of conventional ductwork, flexible supply tubing is fitted into existing wall cavities, ceilings, or floors. Modular air handlers—small enough to fit into closets, attics, ceilings, crawl spaces, or basements—are powerful enough to effectively circulate air throughout any home. Even though its footprint is small, the Unico System delivers the same level of cooling as a conventional system three times its size.

Our supply tubing is designed to be as quiet and efficient as possible, with a nylon inner core and insulation that absorb sound. Our air handlers are designed to isolate noise and vibration, with closed cell, sound-deadening insulation. Together, they bring decibel levels to the equivalent of a soft whisper. While your customers will feel the comfort, they'll hardly notice it's running.

Small system, big customer comfort

Your customers will love the comfort available from the Unico System. Instead of the "dump and throw" method used by conventional and mini-split systems, Unico uses aspiration to deliver even, draft-free cooling. From room to room, floor to ceiling, and level to level, the temperature differential is never greater than 2 degrees throughout the home.

The Unico System cooling module uses a deep copper tube/aluminum fan coil that removes up to 30% more humidity than conventional systems. So, your customers can keep their thermostat a few degrees higher to achieve the same level of comfort—and save on energy costs to boot. For a look at our air handling unit performance, see our eBook on AHU Performance and Humidity Removal.

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System Components

Small yet powerful, take a look at the Unico System's components to get a better feel for how true comfort is made:

Beautiful Installations

We're proud of our products and the specialists who make installing them works of art. Take a look at how the Unico System fits into these beautiful homes!

Traditional Home

Arts & Crafts Bungalow
Minneapolis, MN

Building a two-story addition on a traditional home poses many challenges, and for a Minneapolis couple, a primary goal was to seamlessly blend the new with the old, both outside and inside. They worked hard to select building materials that would honor the architectural integrity of their 1922 Arts & Crafts bungalow. But they faced a dilemma: how to add central air conditioning – with its boxy, intrusive ductwork – without ruining the charm of the home. more

Custom Home

The Woodland House
Kohler, WI

Dave and Jamie Van Dixhorn had a dream. Avid enthusiasts of modern architecture, the Van Dixhorns had longed to escape the urban rat race for years, and frequentlyfantasized about building the home of their dreams in the country. But as a busy developer in downtown Chicago, Dave's work delayed that dream for 15 years. However, three years ago the couple both took managerial positions at Kohler Company, maker of high-end plumbing fixtures, and had the opportunity to purchase land in the idyllic rural village of Kohler, WI. more

Commercial & Specialty

Spot Cooling a 3-Story Open-Air Driving Range
Seoul, Korea

The owners of a golf driving range in Korea were having a unique problem. Attendance dropped drastically during the hot summer months because guests were simply too uncomfortable to take their practice swings. Luckily, relief was available in the form of spot cooling from the makers of The Unico System. The longtime leader of small-duct central heating and cooling systems, The Unico System is known globally for its ability to provide superior comfort in homes and businesses where space is at a premium. An additional application for the system's flexible supply ducts is its ability to provide conditioned air to a specific location within a space without having to cool the entire space itself. more

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Unico University

Unico University logo

Being a business owner and HVAC professional takes up a lot of your time. Staying up-to-date with the latest product improvements and industry trends can be a daunting challenge. That's why we set up Unico University as your "one-stop-shop" for all things Unico.

Unico University offers a choice of three types of training programs to get you on board and help you keep informed about new installation innovations and methods:

Online Training

Available at your convenience and within your own desired time, our online training modules are an easy way to familiarize yourself with the Unico System, its innovative components, the latest installation and troubleshooting methods, and the marketing and sales tools available to help grow your business with Unico. Take them in your skivvies, over a beer, or at your favorite hunting blind – it's up to you. Register here to get started.

Field Training

We also offer several training locations around the country with courses conducted by our local Unico representatives throughout the year. More hands-on than our online modules but not quite as immersive as Unico University In-Factory Training, our Field Training sessions allow you and your employees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Unico System and proper installation techniques. For more information, please contact your local representative or sign up here for Field Training.

On the Job with Jason training logo

2-1/2 Day In-Factory Training

Hosted at our factory in St. Louis, this immersive, in-person training is held once a month and includes demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and a tour of the factory. Unico trainer, Jason Church, will cover everything you need to know about the Unico System and iSeries Outdoor Inverter Unit, including start-up, layout, design and troubleshooting. Unico provides lodging and lunch – you only need cover your cost for travel to St. Louis.

View our 2019 In-Factory Training and register here.

In addition to the above training choices, trainer Jason Church also hosts a monthly webinar series – "On the Job with Jason." These fun (and often pretty funny) hour-long sessions can revolve around issues specific to the Unico System or the HVAC world in general – the sky's the limit. The point is to have fun and share a little knowledge. To view upcoming or access past webinars, please sign into Unico University.

Picture of Unico System training facility

Introduction to Unico Tech

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Technical Drawings

Access exploded views (including dimensional data, CAD data, and technical specifications) for all sizes of our blowers, coils, vertical units, outdoor inverters, and accessories by model name/number.

Specifications & Bulletins

Access our current price list and bulletins regarding general information, engineering specifications, installation and maintenance manuals, application and sizing instructions, and technical notes by bulletin number/title.

Design Services

We are pleased to offer installers, architects, mechanical engineers, and other building professionals free (that's right...we said FREE!) Unico System design services, including a Load Calculation, Duct Design Layout, and Materials List. Visit our Design Services team online for detailed instructions on how to best provide your project plans.


View all available warranties and register warranties for your installed Unico products here.

Marketing Tools

Order marketing and sales materials including product and application brochures, case studies, flyers, and product samples here.

Bid Tool

Need help pricing a specific application or project? Download our Unico Fast Quote tool.

AHRI Certified

Unico System indoor units are certified and listed in the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance to search for matches to outdoor unit brands.

Need a quick step-by-step? Here's how to begin your search.

Technical Support

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service. Our Customer Service team has over 70-years experience with all aspects of the Unico System. We know what it's like to be in the field, under a deadline, and within budget restrictions. We're here to help! Go here to speak with our Technical Support experts.

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