Changes with Radiator Heating

The UK is making significant changes in order to decrease emissions to ZERO by the year 2050. What does that mean for homeowners like you? 

With a ban on gas boilers set for 2035, it’s time to consider the best solution that will meet the country’s new Heat and Buildings strategy. As the deadline for gas boilers gets closer, homeowners will struggle to find replacement parts and experienced service technicians to service their old systems.

Consider Comfort with The Unico System

For many homeowners, now is the time to switch to a small-duct system with an energy-efficient heat pump, the greener alternative favoured by the government. The UK wants to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.

The good news is you do not have to give up the comfort of your home. We know you may have questions, and we have the answers and options to achieve a home of comfort.

Below we have listed some FAQs homeowners may have regarding this change and how you can help answer.

What are my options?

The first option homeowners have is to replace the radiator with a Unico System for the first-floor space and have the boiler feed into the system.

The second option, which would be a larger project but would give homeowners a long-term solution with added benefits is to replace the radiator and the boiler with an outdoor unit and the Unico System. This solution would also accommodate the summer months by providing cool air.

Why should I switch to a heat pump and small-duct system?

A small-duct heating and cooling system uses electric power to maintain your ideal home temperature. When paired with a heat pump, you have a system that keeps your home comfortable year-round and produces zero emissions.

What do I gain with a small-duct system?

In addition to a greener heating system, you gain efficiency. Small-duct systems paired with a heat pump are more energy-efficient than traditional boilers as well as high-wall splits. Plus, small-duct systems are quieter and more

Can I use The Unico System in the summer?

The Unico System is an excellent solution for all four seasons. The Unico System releases air through a principle called aspiration, which circulates air evenly throughout the room, eliminating any hot or cold spots in the home. Other systems “dump” the air into the room, which causes drafts and uneven temperatures. In the summer, homeowners enjoy Unico’s significant humidity removal, removing up to 30% more moisture than other systems.

Will I save money with The Unico System?

Traditional gas boilers have a lot of heat loss and work harder to get the same comfort level in your home. As gas prices increase, so does the cost of your old gas boiler. An airtight small-duct system using an energy-efficient heat pump lowers the energy bill for most homeowners.

Do small duct systems meet the new heat and buildings strategy?

Absolutely! The Unico System is electrically powered, so you don’t have to worry about the regulations that ban gas-powered boilers by 2035.


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