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The Unico System is an AHRI listed and matched HVAC system designed to be installed by a qualified, licensed HVAC contractor per Unico’s installation instructions.

Many states and local jurisdictions have specific requirements for contractors to be trained and licensed before installing HVAC systems. Many local building codes require specific installation design, methodology permitting and testing before an HVAC system can be operated.

Unico recommends you select your qualified installing contractor before purchasing equipment so the contractor can assure the system is designed and sized correctly, matched to any auxiliary equipment and compliant with local codes and requirements.

Unico does not provide a warranty for equipment installations that are not performed by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Click here for help finding a Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) in your area.

If you have any questions, please call 800-527-0896 and press 3 for the Unico Customer Care team.