The Unico System vs. High Wall Units

Wall-mounted, HVAC units, also known as high-wall splits, are ruining family rooms, bedrooms and kitchens everywhere. Why?  Because manufacturers are working hard to convince people that big plastic boxes look great on their walls. They say you can blend these 12-inch by 36-inch units right into your décor. They even hire interior designers to try to make it look perfectly natural to have a large white rectangle hanging above your fireplace or sofa, or over a doorway.

At Unico, we don’t see it that way.  In fact, we like to point out the obvious: our small room vents are so unobtrusive you’ll hardly notice them. And besides being practically invisible, the Unico System offers a whole host of additional advantages over high-wall units.

No matter what the other manufacturers say, there’s no need to mar your beautiful rooms with bulky high-wall units. Instead, preserve your home’s unique architecture with the efficient, small-duct Unico System!

11 Reasons Not To Put Big, Ugly, High-Wall A/C Units On Your Wall!

1. Aesthetics

High-wall units disrupt interiors and cannot be hidden from view. They come in white, beige and sometimes black and cannot be covered. Preservationists and architects run from these unattractive units.

The small-duct Unico System features round outlets with openings only 2-1/2 inches in diameter, and narrow slotted outlets 8 inches long. Both styles can be stained or painted to match your floor, wall or ceiling.

2. Placement

Unico outlets can be placed on ceilings, floors, or walls. But high-wall units usually have to be mounted on the outer walls of a home. A ceiling mount is possible, but the ceiling often has to be lowered. 

3. Comfort

Unico provides draft-free heating and cooling, with only a two degree difference from floor to ceiling. High-wall units dump 80% of the air into only a third of a room’s space, so temperatures can fluctuate by as much as eight degrees. 

4. Cost

Unico is a central air system, with air handlers that can support ducts weaving throughout the house. High-wall units are like window AC units, where each room needs its own system, costing you more. 

5. Noise

Sound levels of the Unico System are similar to a whisper, as low as 20 decibels; high-wall units are in the range of about 40 decibels. 

6. Maintenance

The small diameter, flexible ducts of the Unico System require no maintenance or cleaning. High-wall filters must be cleaned and replaced regularly, and drains are known to clog and leak inside the units.

7. Humidity

Unico removes 30 percent more moisture than standard AC systems. High-wall units must be set at a chilly 65 degrees or lower to achieve strong dehumidification, driving up operating coats. 

8. Lifespan

Unico air handlers are rated by independent testing labs to last at least 26 years. Most high-wall units are designed to last only eight to 10 years

9. Warranty

Unico’s outdoor heat pumps and air handlers are warranted for 15 years when installed by a Unico Preferred Contractor. The longest warranty offered by high-wall companies is 10 years. 

10. Where It's Made

The Unico System is manufactured in the U.S. Most high-wall units are made overseas. 

11. Air Quality

The Unico System filters the conditioned air, providing high-quality, clean air. High-wall units do not.