A Resolution You Can Keep: Updating Your Home with Central Air


It's officially 2019, and you have big plans for the year! Okay, so maybe you're not exercising as much as you promised, you've abandoned your diet, or you’ve been sucked back into too much facetime with your phone or TV. New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult things to keep up.

But, if this is the year you’ve committed to that home improvement project, there's one resolution Unico can help you keep!

When it comes to home updates and remodels, HVAC options can play an often-overlooked role.


Well, it all comes down to the ducts. All central air systems use a maze of main ducts and supply ducts to deliver conditioned air to various rooms throughout the house. Conventional systems can require bulky buildouts that result in awkward aesthetics. By contrast, small-duct, high-velocity methods are constructed of flexible tubes that can snake in and out of a home's existing cavities, without having to gut your home.

When planning your central air project, consider your HVAC options and the impact on:

  • Interior Design – You want to feel better comfort – not necessarily see it. Will heavy, rectangular ducts and outlets change the dynamics of the room? If so, consider replacing them with round or slotted (1/2-inch x 8-inch) outlets used with small-duct systems. Often these outlets can be customized to match finishes and colors that blend into décor.
  • Overall Comfort – Central air systems should deliver quiet, placid air evenly across the room. Conventional systems force air into a room, giving rise to drafts, uneven temperatures, and noise. When considering your HVAC options, check to make sure the ducts or tubing and air handlers are insulated to isolate noise and vibration. And to avoid drafts and cool spots, choose a system that can condition air to gently mix in the room with less than a 2°F variance between ceiling and floor.
  • Your Energy Bills – Overcooling and conventional ductwork are often the largest energy waster in a home. Traditional ducts are prone to leaking, and since these ducts are typically located in unconditioned areas, such as attics or basements, leaked, conditioned air is wasted in places of no benefit to the homeowner. There is also a tendency to combat humidity by overcooling the home. To save energy, ensure your system is sized right for your home and can still remove moisture. The Unico System’s insulated, leak-free ducts have been shown to result in additional energy savings of up to 20% more than conventional systems, while also removing 30% more moisture than conventional forced air systems. This means when summer humidity strikes, you can set your thermostat higher and still stay cool.

This year, treat yourself to the unparalleled beauty, comfort and energy efficiency of a home update, without sacrificing the surprise of an unintended HVAC consequence. At one-third the size of conventional ducts, The Unico System fits where others can't. See how it fit for these homeowners.

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