At this time, this product is only available for our 2" (51mm) duct component line.


The new supply duct connection system reduces the steps and time involved in the installation process.

Consisting of lock-and-release tabs making it easier and faster to assemble, Twist-Fit couplings are attached to lengths of sound attenuator or aluminum supply tubing by threading the base of the coupling into the inner core of the tubing. The internal insulation and outer mylar jacket of the supply tubing are then tucked into the rim of the Twist-Fit and the connection is secured with UL-181B foil tape.*

*All tubing is supplied with couplings already attached from the factory.

Matching Twist-Fit couplings are attached to the desired plenum take-offs, outlet registers, or additional lengths of supply tubing. To make a connection, simply line up the tabs to their corresponding slots and twist clockwise until a click is heard. At least one Twist-Fit connector must have a gasket to prevent leakage.


Twist Fit Features & Benefits

  • Lock-and-release tabs for easy assembly
  • Couplings attached to tubing at the factory
  • Change outlet face plates in a snap
  • Compatible with other high velocity products
  • Simplified module guide for ordering ease
  • More order options to order exactly what you need for your project
  • Reduce supply tube installation time by as much as 50%!

California residents please see Proposition 65.