HVAC That Fits Your Design

The Unico System is small-duct high-velocity (SDHV) central HVAC solution that uses smaller components than conventional systems that allow it to fit your original vision without having to make any sacrifices to your design.

Finishes that compliment rather than detract

Instead of traditional registers, the system's round or slotted outlets come in a variety of constructions, finishes and stains, so that they virtually disappear within your aesthetics.

At Unico We Believe the HVAC System Should Fit Your Design, Not the Other Way Around

Small Components Allow for Freedom of Design:


Indoor air handling equipment is more compact than conventional systems.

Low-Profile Plenum

Typically located in attics or basements, is one-third the size of traditional main ducting.


Supply tubing weaves through the tightest of existing wall, ceiling, and floor cavities.


The Unico System can provide cooling only, heating only, or both using electricity or water as a heat/ cooling source.


Round or slotted outlets are available in a variety of plastic finishes and wood types and can be painted, stained, or wallpapered to virtually disappear into any décor.


Beauty Balanced with Science

Better Air Distribution
Better Humidity Control
Better Indoor Air Quality
Better Energy Efficiency

Better Air Distribution

Unico works on the principle of aspiration, creating a gentle suction around the delivery outlet that draws room air into its stream of conditioned air, eliminating drafts and hot/cold spots, and providing even temperatures from ceiling to floor, room to room.

Better Humidity Removal

Unico cooling coils remove 30% more moisture than conventional AC systems. Occupants in homes equipped with The Unico System can feel just as comfortable at higher thermostat settings, adding to the system's energy efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Because Unico ducting is so tightly sealed, there is less opportunity for the entrapment and dispersal of allergens or other contaminants and fresh, outside air is easy to incorporate into the air handler configuration.

Better Energy Efficiency

Conventional forced-air systems lose as much as 40% of their conditioned air through leakage, especially when ducting is located in an unconditioned area like an attic or crawlspace. But The Unico System's smaller, tighter ducts lose virtually none of their conditioned air and don't experience the degree of thermal loss associated with traditional HVAC systems. Unico blowers are available with programmable, variable speed and electronically commutated motors (ECMs) that use less electricity than their conventional counterparts.

Free Design Services

If you have a project that needs design assistance, we offer a free service which includes a duct design and an estimated materials list.  All you need to do is complete the HVAC Load Calculation Request form on our website and send us your plans. 

Upon submittal of your plans and load calculations, we'll send you an email with a case number as confirmation of receipt.  Unico will then provide an overview of the seasonal climate conditions of the project's geography, a duct design layout indicating optimal placement of the Unico plenum, supply tubing, and outlets and a complete materials list.  Turnaround times for completed designs are typically within 5 business days.

Need help with a project now?

The Choice of Preservationists, LEED, and Net-Zero Project Designers

Inclusion of The Unico System ensured the Resonance House in Lexington was Kentucky's first home to be awarded LEED certification.

Due to its ability to provide state-of-the-art comfort without diminishing a structure's original integrity, The Unico System has been installed in hundreds of historic spaces and is a longtime partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It's maximal energy efficiency aspects have also made it the HVAC choice for countless LEED, Net-Zero, and high-performance homes in North America and abroad.

For more information about how The Unico System can free your design, download our  Brochure for Specifiers or contact our Design Services team and upload your plans and load calculations for a free duct layout and materials list.