Chiltrix by Unico: The Best Choice for Energy-Efficient Homes

February 8, 2024

Over the last few years, energy-efficient homes have skyrocketed in popularity. More homeowners want to reduce their energy use throughout the year without compromising on comfort.

The Chiltrix by Unico air-to-water heat pump is the only air-to-water heat pump on the market certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), and has a rated IPLV of 23, nearly double that of our closest competitors. Given this impressive statistic, Chiltrix by Unico is the leading solution if you are considering an energy-efficient home.

Today, there are three common types of homes designed to accomplish this goal: net-zero, passive and low-load homes.

Join us as we look at what makes each type of energy-efficient home unique and the benefits that Chiltrix by Unico offers homeowners like you.

The Difference Between Net-Zero, Passive and Low-Load Homes

In the world of energy-efficient homes, the terms net-zero, passive and low-load are often used interchangeably. While these types of homes are all similar, there are some differences to note:

- Net-Zero Homes: Net-zero or “zero-energy” homes are specifically designed to generate renewable energy throughout the year on their own. This usually involves equipping the home with solar panels with an overall goal of producing as much energy as it consumes. Net-zero homes strive to use no power from the local grid and be as self-sufficient as possible.

- Passive Homes: Passive homes are designed to provide as much “natural” heating and cooling (non-mechanical) as possible to be more energy efficient. These types of homes don’t generate their own power. Instead, passive homes rely on properly placed windows, eaves, home orientation, landscaping, insulation, sealed structures and more.

- Low-Load Homes: The goal for low-load homes is to use less heating and cooling by achieving higher energy efficiency. These homes use insulation strategies, passive home designs and variable-speed HVAC systems.

Although each of these types of homes has unique distinctions, all three aim to minimize energy use and their overall global environmental impact. These homes maintain a balance between energy use and delivering a comfortable living environment.

The Benefits Chiltrix Can Offer Your Home

When choosing an energy-efficient HVAC system, there are many variables and personal preferences to consider. The process of finding the best option starts with what your goals as a homeowner are. For example, low-load homes often combine Chiltrix with The Unico System. By working together, these systems make air distribution in the home more efficient and help enhance dehumidification in the cooling season. The small-duct, high-velocity layout of The Unico System keeps rooms at optimal comfort while using less energy.

If you have a house with an existing duct and/or radiant heating system, replacing the boiler with Chiltrix is a great option. Since Chiltrix is an electric-driven heat pump, you’ll eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Plus, the system has a unique “monoblock” design, which means no refrigerant is present inside your home. Essential components like the compressor, evaporator and condenser are housed within an outdoor unit, giving you added peace of mind.

When Chiltrix and The Unico System are combined, there are benefits you won’t find with other options. For starters, both systems use variable-speed compressors and fans, highly effective heat exchangers and blowers, and the latest control strategies. That means less wasted power to achieve optimal comfort in every room in your house.

The Innovative Power Behind Chiltrix by Unico

In addition to the “monoblock,” Chiltrix has a variety of other benefits that are perfect for net-zero, passive and low-load homes:

• Design Flexibility: No matter the design of your energy-efficient home, Chiltrix offers the flexibility to integrate into various systems. It can be installed to support air conditioning, ventilation, underfloor heating, domestic hot water and more.

• Efficiency: Chiltrix by Unico is the highest-efficiency outdoor unit in its class on the market today. It’s the best solution for an “all-electric home” and sets the standard for residential heating and cooling.

• Specialized for Green Homes: Chiltrix is perfect for net-zero, passive and low-load homes. Chiltrix and The Unico System are the only pair of products on the market that specializes in green home applications.

Get a Better Way to Make Your Home Comfortable with Chiltrix

If you’re interested in achieving greater comfort and energy efficiency in your home, Chiltrix by Unico is worth considering. By harnessing the heat from outdoor air and transferring it to the water inside the system, Chiltrix offers unrivaled efficiency without compromising on comfort. Learn more about the value Chiltrix can offer your home today. And don’t forget to ask about our free Design Services to help find the best Chiltrix by Unico combination for your home.

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