HVAC Fit for Your Custom Home Design

July 25, 2023

When you are building your dream home you want to be able to push the boundaries showcasing your style while making sure your space is a comfortable oasis you look forward to coming home to. Image even temperatures from room to room with no greater than two degrees difference providing excellent comfort. That’s what The Unico System provides. The high-efficiency cooling and heating system can also be discreetly designed into a custom home without intrusive duct work getting in the way of your space.

Custom Fit for your Design

Custom home builders like how well Unico fits into tight spaces. The system’s sleek mini ducts are small enough to fit inside the walls in your existing floorplan without having to leave extra space for traditional bulky ductwork. Your new home will have the seamless look of a modern interior. What’s more, the air vents are only 2 to 2.5-inches in diameter and come in various colors and wood finishes allowing you to customize them to your design and style.

HVAC That’s Whisper Quiet

One thing that makes the Unico System so unique is the fact that it has a nylon core that is insulated which means it’s naturally sound absorbent. With traditional ducts, their metal composition essentially makes them echo chambers amplifying the noise of the system when air is carried through. Mini split and ductless systems are also noisy, with units mounted on the wall in every room and always operating nearby.

Another feature custom home builders appreciate is that Unico’s modular, compact air handler can be discretely tucked away in the attic or a closet. The ducts are made of insulated nylon which absorb sound, and sound attenuators can be added throughout the system to dampen any vibration, so the system is whisper quiet.

Comfort with Reduced Humidity

High humidity can negatively affect your home, but low humidity is good for contributes to your comfort to improves air quality.

The air conditioning mode of Unico’s SDHV system is designed to remove more humidity than other HVAC systems. It operates with relatively lower airflow and has a four-row cooling coil instead of a typical three-row coil, circulating air sits on the cooling coil longer, removing up to 30% more humidity. The lack of humidity and water provides a comfortable living environment.

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