HVAC Replacement Series Part 3: Your Guide to Replacing a SDHV HVAC System

May 16, 2024

Your Guide to Replacing a Small-Duct, High-Velocity HVAC System

In this final installment of our HVAC replacement series, we’re going to focus on small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) systems. The Unico System is the leader in this HVAC technology. However, the SDHV system is a newer technology in the HVAC industry and knowing when a unit needs to be replaced isn’t always easy.

The Unico System is here to help. Let’s get into more detail about how to tell when it’s time to swap out an SDHV system and what options you should consider replacing it with.

When is it Time to Replace an SDHV HVAC System?

SDHV systems are known to have smaller outlets that are less noisy than traditional HVAC systems. With many traditional units, hearing the fan or motor straining to operate is a textbook sign that the system needs to be replaced. With SDHV systems, the replacement signs are often more subtle. You’ll want to be on the lookout for:

  • A Decline in Energy Efficiency: Small-duct, high-velocity HVAC systems have tight joints and insulated tubing for increased energy efficiency. If you notice that your home’s heating and cooling bill has increased, it could be a sign that the HVAC unit needs to be replaced. SDHV systems at the end of their life cycle are more likely to lose air velocity, making the whole unit work harder to keep rooms at an even temperature.

  • The Age of Your HVAC System: Even though SDHV units are efficient and provide optimal comfort, no system can last forever. Core elements of these systems, like the heat pump, blower coil and air handler, all have shelf lives. Many of the key components have estimated life spans provided by the manufacturer. If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s time to pay close attention to how it’s operating.

  • Longer Heating and Cooling Cycles: SDHV units don’t just dump air into rooms like traditional HVAC systems. The SDHV system has fairly uniform heating and cooling cycles. If you notice that these cycles have gotten longer, it’s a sign that the system isn’t running as efficiently—that the unit is struggling to keep up with the temperature set by the thermostat. If this issue persists, call a professional to inspect the system and see if you might need to replace it.

Why The Unico System is the Best Replacement Option for Small-Duct, High-Velocity HVAC Systems

Once you have the comfort and efficiency that a small-duct, high-velocity HVAC system provides, it’s hard to go back. Luckily, you won’t have that problem when choosing The Unico System as your HVAC solution. To create a draft-free environment with even temperatures, The Unico System takes advantage of a process called aspiration. The small, high-velocity ducts placed throughout each room create a gentle suction that draws air into their streams. You can expect a temperature differential no more than 2 degrees from what the thermostat is set to.

Unlike some other small-duct, high-velocity HVAC systems, Unico has a wide selection of outlet choices designed to match any décor. Unico outlets can also be painted or stained to perfectly match the interior design. Plus, the small outlets are less invasive and can be installed in ceilings, sidewalls and floors so that they’re hardly even noticeable.

Get Free Designs Services with The Unico System

When you’re replacing an existing SDHV system, Unico is here to do the hard part. When you submit plans to our Design Services team, they’ll figure out the best system configuration for your home and provide an estimated materials list. When it comes to indoor comfort, there’s no better HVAC option than The Unico System. Contact our Design Services team today to get started.

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