The Unico System in Log & Timber Homes

April 4, 2024

Did you know that log and timber homes continue to grow in popularity? Homeowners and vacationers alike are driving up the demand across the country. Log and timber homes have a classic aesthetic that’s perfect for anyone looking to reconnect with nature. Even though natural wood is often a great insulator, modern homes need a reliable HVAC solution to keep the interior at comfortable temperatures.

Join us as we break down why The Unico System is one of the best HVAC options for log and timber homes.

The Small-Duct, High-Velocity System Saves You Space

When it comes to log and timber homes, one of the biggest HVAC hurdles to overcome is finding the space for ductwork. It’s normal for these types of homes to have an open concept with fewer interior walls. Plus, many log and timber homes have a loft area instead of an available attic that could house an HVAC system. With The Unico System, you won’t have to worry about this challenge.

No matter what type of layout a log and timber home has, The Unico System can be installed without affecting the interior design and structure. It uses less than one-third of the space compared to traditional HVAC systems. In fact, it can deliver up to 9 tons of air by using the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.

The Unico System has flexible small ducts that can fit in spaces where other systems can’t. For example, Unico can get multiple ducts into a single interior wall, helping log and timber homes get the most out of their unique design.

The Unico System Blends in with Log and Timber Homes

Custom built log and timber homes have no shortage of visual appeal. Many modern HVAC systems have ducts that clash with the natural wood throughout the living space. The Unico System solves the issue of having metal grates that stand out against natural wood. Unico has a wide selection of outlet choices that can be designed to blend in with the aesthetics of log and timber homes. Outlets used with The Unico System will practically disappear, since the wood grain can be visually matched to the specific home.

It's also worth noting that these outlets can also be installed in more areas throughout the home compared to traditional HVAC systems. They can be placed in ceilings, floors and any sidewalls without being invasive or causing the need for major remodeling. There’s no need to “gut” or cut into any of the major aspects of the home.

A Perfect Complement for Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons why log and timber homes are growing in popularity is because of how energy efficient they are. Customized homes are built with a tight envelope and typically don’t lose much heating or cooling. These homes need an HVAC system that can keep up the trend of high efficiency to help keep energy costs down.

The Unico System ductwork has roughly one-third less thermal loss than other traditional HVAC systems. The Unico supply tubing is wrapped in insulation and an outer vapor barrier that works to keep nearly all the thermal energy inside the ducts. Just like log and timber homes, the Unico small-duct, high-velocity system is designed to prioritize air tightness. Through third-party testing, The Unico System loses less than 5% of the air in the ducts compared to the loss of 25% found in traditional systems.

Find the Perfect HVAC Solution for Log and Timber Homes

When you’re building a custom log and timber home, the HVAC system can be a hard challenge to get past. There’s often plenty of posts and beams that make it difficult to find space for ducts. Plus, with little to no attic space, finding a place to house HVAC equipment isn’t always straightforward. The Unico System makes it so you don’t have to worry about these issues.

Since it’s common for log and timber homes to need additional HVAC support, Unico goes the extra mile by offering free design services. Let our team handle the hard part. Simply submit your plans and a load calculation form, and we’ll create a system design and estimated materials list. Get started on making your log and timber home more comfortable today.

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