Three Things Buyers Want from Their Custom Home HVAC

July 6, 2023

For anyone who’s having a custom home built, it’s natural to have high expectations. Homeowners have the opportunity to create their dream home with custom touches that impact interior design and more. But what about the comfort that comes from a state-of-the-art HVAC system? The right HVAC system gives custom homes the level of lasting comfort these dream projects deserve.

Help set your project up for success by learning these 3 things buyers want from their custom home HVAC systems.

Indoor Comfort is a Top Priority

When a buyer invests in a custom home, they want the interior to be well-designed and comfortable. They’re trusting contractors like you to bring their vision to life, which includes installing an HVAC system that meets their needs. To ensure that the home you’re building has even and consistent indoor temperature, consider a small duct/high-velocity (SDHV) solution like The Unico System.

For starters, the innovative duct system makes it easy to install and can fit within almost any home design. Small, flexible ducts installed throughout the home create a comfortable and even temperature environment that’s draft-free. The Unico System manages airflow and motor speed according to the needs of each individual room. The SDHV system also dehumidifies better than any other system, while being small enough to be installed wherever you need it.

Traditional HVAC systems dump air into a room, which causes drafts and pockets of uneven temperatures, leading to homeowners being uncomfortable. Through an air principle called aspiration, The Unico System creates a gentle mixed motion of air around each duct to create an even temperature. It's one of the custom home HVAC features that keeps the temperature differential two degrees or less from what’s set on the thermostat compared to the roughly 10-degree swings common with traditional systems.

Ability to Blend In

Buyers of custom homes want an HVAC system that does its job in the background and goes unnoticed. With many traditional systems, the bulky ducts can be an eyesore that interferes with the aesthetics of a room and are also noisy, reminding you of its presence every time the system kicks on. Fortunately, The Unico System solves both issues with its unique design.

Thanks to the inner nylon core used in the tubing to absorb sound, the high-velocity Unico System turns on and blows air virtually silently. In fact, many custom homeowners describe it as “whisper quiet.” Your buyer will be able to feel comfortable, even temperatures without hearing the system running.

In terms of aesthetics, The Unico System makes it easy for ducts to fit in with interior design. There are a wide variety of outlet choices that will blend in with a custom home’s floors, walls, and ceilings while providing even heating, cooling, and ventilation throughout each room.

Energy Efficiency

Buyers of custom homes want energy-efficient HVAC systems since they’re more likely to save on monthly utility costs. But what they may not realize is having the right ductwork makes a huge difference. Many traditional HVAC systems leak air in the seams along the vent and inside the ductwork. Plus, traditional ducts are uninsulated, resulting in thermal loss before air even reaches the vents. This causes the custom home to be less energy-efficient despite the energy-efficiency of the HVAC system itself.

The SDHV Unico System was specifically designed for simplicity and keeping air inside the ducts to prevent leakage. According to third-party testing, traditional HVAC systems can lose up to 25% of the air they put out because of leaks in the ductwork. The Unico System loses, on average, just 5%.

Impress Custom Home Buyers with The Unico System

The Unico System has everything buyers are looking for in a custom home HVAC system. But our support for your projects doesn’t stop with an SDHV product. Our Design Services team is a free resource that will help you find the best application for our system. Give buyers of custom homes the comfort and efficiency they’re looking for with The Unico System.

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