Woodwork Preservation: Why The Unico System is the Right Choice

February 29, 2024

When you think of an older home, there are unique characteristics that give the property its charm. One of these top features is the timeless woodwork often found in the main living areas. Whether it’s wood flooring or hand-carved trim around the fireplace, preserving the woodwork of your older home is a priority.

With older homes, it can be challenging to keep its classic aesthetic intact while incorporating a modern HVAC system that provides comfort all year round. The good news is that there’s a solution. Join us as we share why The Unico System is the right choice for homeowners looking to preserve interior woodwork.

Little to No Remodeling Required

With traditional HVAC systems, you might have to remodel your existing home to accommodate new ductwork. This doesn’t just add in an extra cost, some of the woodwork in your older home could be affected. The Unico System requires little to no remodeling and goes where other systems can’t. The modular air handlers and coils can easily be installed in older homes without disrupting your woodwork.

The adaptable small ducts are designed to be fed through existing walls, floors and ceiling cavities. You won’t have to gut the interior of an older home to get an HVAC system that provides optimal comfort. That means less dust, mess and disruptive construction paired with a faster installation process.

The Unico System Can Match Any Décor and Woodwork

One of the largest issues owners of older homes run into when updating the HVAC system is matching the vents, ducts and soffits to existing décor. Metal grates can be an eyesore and chip away at the character of established woodwork. With The Unico System, you won’t have to sacrifice your home’s classic look to get comfortable draft-free temperatures.

The Unico System has a wide variety of outlet choices that are designed to fit into the aesthetic of older homes. No matter what type of woodwork your home has, Unico outlets can be stained or painted to match. It’s also important to talk about the flexibility of these outlets. Unlike traditional HVAC solutions, The Unico System outlets can easily be installed in floors, ceilings and even supporting walls.

The small outlets deliver up to nine tons of air while taking up one-third of the space compared to traditional HVAC systems. With the outlets being small and designed to match your woodwork, you’ll hardly even notice that they’re in the room.

The Unico Systems Removes 30% More Humidity

As an owner of an older home with woodwork, it’s important to monitor indoor humidity. High humidity in your home can cause woodwork to absorb excess moisture, which often leads to cracks, gaps, uneven spots and damaged joints. Many traditional HVAC systems have a hard time lowering the amount of moisture in conditioned spaces. The good news is that The Unico System can help keep your woodwork preserved by removing 30% more humidity.

How does it work? For starters, The Unico System is designed to maximize the efficiency of the cooling coils, which creates a comfortable indoor space. Unico’s moisture control capabilities are due to the variable-capacity heat pumps in the system. These pumps help lower the humidity in the air instead of just cycling the air around the home. The Unico System even helps you save on energy by being able to run during low-load periods (times when the system uses less energy), like mild summer days.

With The Unico System, you’ll be able to say goodbye to your home’s wood floors being creakier or wood-framed windows getting stuck in the summer. It’s so efficient at helping preserve woodwork that the National Trust for Historic Preservation recommended Unico to be used for President Lincoln’s Cottage in Washington, D.C. Visitors now get to experience the history and character of the museum with optimal comfort.

Help Keep Your Woodwork Preserved with The Unico System

You don’t have to compromise on comfort when preserving your home’s woodwork. As a leader in small-duct, high-velocity heating and cooling, The Unico System is the best choice for older homes. Get started on preserving your home’s woodwork by finding a Unico preferred contractor in your area today!

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