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Comfort Now Par for the Course at State-of-the-Art Driving Range

The owners of a golf driving range in Korea were having a unique problem. Attendance dropped drastically during the hot summer months because guests were simply too uncomfortable to take their practice swings. Luckily, relief was available in the form of spot cooling from the makers of The Unico System. The longtime leader of small-duct central heating and cooling systems, The Unico System is known globally for its ability to provide exceptional comfort in commercial and industrial businesses where space is at a premium. An additional application for the system’s flexible supply ducts is its ability to provide conditioned air to a specific location within a space without having to cool the entire space itself. This practice is called spot cooling, and commercial and industrial facilities world-wide have been able to bring relief to their employees while eliminating costs from inefficient space cooling and production losses.

The Unico System delivers conditioned air at a high static pressure, expressed as velocity. This fact, coupled with the design of flexible supply ducts terminating in 2-inch diameter round openings, creates a “cone of comfort,” approximately 18-24 inches in diameter at a distance of 4-8 feet from the opening. Unico System spot cooling has brought much-needed relief to workers in industries where the work process generates high levels of heat. From dry cleaning facilities, to injection molding manufacturers, to smelting facilities and beyond, Unico has helped keep employees cool, comfortable, and productive.


Unico designed a system that creates cones of comfort for particular stations throughout the three-story driving range. Outlets are positioned so that cool air will be provided over the tee for golfers as they practice their drives. Additional outlets are situated to provide relief for spectators sitting on seats nearby. In all, six Unico System air handlers provide cool air at 1.5 inches of static pressure throughout a 200-foot length of 10-inch round insulated plenum, or main duct. Due to its thicker coil design, the Unico air handler can convert 100° F air drawn across it to conditioned air that, depending on the existing humidity level, is 25-40° F colder. This cool air is then delivered via the flexible supply tubing and terminating outlets at a speed of 2,300 FPM (feet per minute).


On its first day in operation, the new cooling system became a hit with golfers and employees alike. After a few weeks of summer operation, the manager remarked that not only was the system making golfers comfortable during their drives, but they stayed at the tees longer because that was the place they felt the most comfortable. He was making more money in both attendance and time spent using the range!

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