LaMotta Residence

Custom Home Features Unencumbered Comfort

Chris LaMotta was all set to build his dream home in Bayside, an upscale neighborhood in the NYC borough of Queens. There was just one major wrinkle to iron out.

Chris had designed the perfect entertainment area for the massive basement in this new 7,500 sf home, but was unhappy with the soffits and enclosures required for installing conventional heating and cooling. These chases and concealments would severely impede on he open design of the basement and block views to the three large-screen televisions. The entertainment area was to be a key feature of this white stone Federalist-style home with Moroccan flourishes, so Chris was in a quandary.


Luckily, the experts at Innovative Air Solutions had the answer. Co-owner Matt Carlo, who with his brother Mike has been installing Unico for over 20 years, recommended The Unico System. Not only would the system’s smaller design eliminate the structural alterations to the basement, it would also deliver superior comfort for the rest of the home.

Innovative Air Solutions recommended installing three Unico Systems to provide a total of 7.5 tons of cooling. In addition, the system’s hot water coils are used in conjunction with the home’s primary radiant heating to provide supplemental heat, as well as primary heat for those times of the year when the radiant system would take too long to respond.


The smaller design of The Unico System, with its main trunk line and flexible supply tubes taking up 1/3 the space of conventional sized systems, proved a boon not only to the basement, but also opened up the design for other levels of the home.

Matt and Mike Carlo have been proponents of The Unico System since they founded Innovative Air Solutions – in fact, this is their eleventh project to be featured as a case study. Says Matt, “You just can’t beat The Unico System’s ability to allow modern, superior comfort to fit into a home without drastically altering the original design – whether it be a custom home or older home built before the wide usage of central heating and cooling.”

Says Chris, “I’m so happy Matt brought The Unico System solution to our home. We just couldn’t be happier with the level of comfort and the fact that we didn’t have to make major changes to our original design.”


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