Winitch Residence

Scarsdale, NY

It would seem that Scarsdale, NY is home to some of the best. A birthplace to a five time governor, two time vice president, an astronaut, state senators, a Nobel Prize winner and numerous celebrities, Scarsdale is also an area filled with history. Originally founded by a British nobleman, the area has flourished to become one of the premier townships in the country. With a reputation like this, the inhabitants of this quaint town demand the best for themselves. And Charles and Janet Winitch are no different. They know what they want and won’t stop until it is just right.


With no room for conventional duct work in their 100 year old home, Mr. & Mrs. Winitch decided that they would install ten ductless, wall mounted A/C units from the finished third floor all the way down to the bottom floor. As they soon found out, these systems were an eyesore and having as many as they did completely destroyed the upscale motif that is present in the home. Less than a year after these units were installed, Mr. & Mrs. Winitch did some online research. What they were looking for was something out of sight and out of mind. After five different contractors gave them five different ideas of how to air condition their home, they found the answer they were looking for - The Unico System.

Mr. & Mrs. Winitch chose to work with Matt and Mike Carlo of Innovative Air Solutions who have been installing The Unico System for over 10 years. Possessing the highest possible professionalism and a remarkable understanding of how to install this product makes them one of the premier installers on the east coast.

The Carlo brothers started by removing the ductless systems and began the installation of The Unico Systems. They went with a 3-ton Unico unit for the second and third floors and a 2.5 ton unit for the lower two floors for a total of 42 outlets. Each unit is controlled by a Unico Advanced Control Board for maximum control and energy efficiency. All of these units are connected to a Trane outdoor condensing unit.

The house was also decorated and finished completely by a high end interior designer. This meant that some of the Unico outlets had to be matched with the various color schemes of the home, one of them being a custom made rug that was imported from Hong Kong. Matt and Mike customized the standard outlets to make them an espresso color which matched the rug perfectly. Similar customizations are done throughout the home.


Mr. & Mrs. Winitch are now a very happy couple. When they started their project, they wanted something that would be efficient as well as inconspicuous, but above all, they wanted their home to possess a true central air conditioning system. The Unico System delivered all of those things, blending in with the décor and ensuring that they will not only be comfortable, but won’t have to see where their comfort is coming from.


Innovative Air Solutions

Matt & Mike Carlo

29 Elm Street Tuckahoe, NY. 10707


Ideal For

  • Electric Heat
  • Hot Water Heat
  • Chilled Water Loops
  • Steam Heat
  • Radiant Floor Heat
  • Inadequate or No Ductwork
  • Limited Space
  • Inadequate Cooing on Upper Levels
  • Baseboard Heat
  • Radiator Heat

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