What is a Small Duct, High Velocity Air Conditioning System?


Small duct, high velocity (SDHV) air conditioner systems, like the Unico System, are a smart way of adding modern A/C to homes that don’t have the room for the large ductwork associated with traditional AC units. SDHV Air conditioning systems do not require extensive build out and will not disrupt your home’s original interior or exterior. They also quietly deliver conditioned air through flexible supply tubes at a higher static pressure or velocity, and here’s how.

The Unico System is extremely quiet because of its special sound-absorbing insulation supply tubing. The tube’s core is made with nylon, which is then wrapped with insulation, to absorb sound, and finally wrapped with an outer vapor barrier to stop moisture and also to reduce thermal loss. The supply tubes are often referred to as sound attenuator, or duct silencer, due to the sound deadening properties of the duct. We insulate our air handler and use vibration pads on the system to reduce vibration and add extra sound absorption. This is how we ensure quiet operation. In most cases, people don't even notice the system is running. Use our audio tool to experience the quiet of the Unico System.

In addition to absorbing sound for a quiet operation, SDHV A/C, like the Unico System, delivers uniform temperature air without creating drafts. The Unico System blowers exceed the U.S. Department of Energy requirements for SDHV A/C systems requiring a minimum external static pressure of 1.2 inches of water (0.3 kPa) at the rated airflow when installed with the compatible Unico cooling module. All cooling modules are available in Heat Pump, Chilled Water, and refrigerant configurations.

Contact your local Unico Preferred Contractor to learn if Unico’s small duct, high-velocity system is right for your home!

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