Advantages of a Mini Duct Systems

June 20, 2023

You’re probably familiar with traditional HVAC with metal ducting through the home. But mini ducts, like Unico, have a completely different design, which makes them quieter, more efficient and more comfortable. If you’re updating your HVAC, Unico mini duct heating and cooling is a far better choice than traditional heating or air conditioning.

The Problems with Conventional Systems

Winter brings dry air, which can be tough on your skin. Plus, it dries out your nose, which makes you susceptible to viruses and other contagions. A gas furnace makes these conditions worse because the flame used to heat the air eliminates the moisture. Unico uses electric heat, which doesn’t consume oxygen or remove moisture from the air.

Traditional, metal ducts leak air through gaps at the seams, causing heat and air loss, which is a major waste of energy. Homes with traditional ductwork lose up to 60% of their heated air before it reaches the register.

The Unico mini duct system are designed to prevent thermal loss. The tubes are built with a nylon core, which is then wrapped with insulation, and finally wrapped with an outer vapor barrier to stop moisture from entering or exiting the air stream. Also, The Unico System uses a lock-and-release connector that clicks into place, giving Unico an airtight fit.

Why Unico is Better Than Conventional Ducting

Ever hear the heating or air kick on? When the furnace or AC unit blasts air through a home with traditional ducts, it causes vibration, which generates noise and echoes through the metal ducting. Owners of The Unico System don’t even hear it running, thanks to the sound attenuators, which prevent vibration, and the nylon insulated core that absorbs noise.

Nobody wants their HVAC system taking up living space. If you’re renovating an older house, wouldn’t you want ducting that you can hide away inside existing walls and ceilings? Adding a traditional system during a home renovation often requires adding soffits or dropped ceilings to hide the ducting. But mini ducts are made of flexible tubing, which can be threaded through the ceiling and maintain the home’s interior design.

New custom home builders also prefer Unico for its compact design. Builders of custom homes design beautiful interiors to satisfy homeowners’ personal styles. A mini duct system is perfectly designed to feature the architecture and not the HVAC.

The Best HVAC System Available

You want home heating and air conditioning that creates a comfortable environment that’s energy efficient, quiet and unobtrusive. That’s not too much to ask, and Unico delivers!

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