Installing Ductwork in an Older Home

June 8, 2023

Looking at installing ductwork in an older home, but don’t want to renovate the whole house? A small duct system can be installed in an old home without tearing up walls or putting in dropped ceilings. Its efficient, compact design is made to fit small spaces in homes without existing ductwork.

Making It Fit

Old homes aren’t always the most spacious. Small rooms and lack of closet space are common characteristics of past residential architecture. Minimizing the use of new ductwork, especially if you want to keep the current footprint, is why the Unico System works so well.

Unico’s small duct system was engineered with small spaces in mind. The Unico System ducts are a quarter of the size of traditional ductwork and easily fit inside standard wall cavities. Unico small ducts are designed to fit your home, instead of large ductwork that changes your home.

How Small Ducts Are Installed

When you’re retrofitting a house with air conditioning, the idea of installing ductwork in an older home might sound like a major construction project. That doesn’t have to be the case. Unico ducts are small enough to fit in existing walls and ceilings. They’re also flexible, so they can be threaded through spaces and adapt where needed.

The Unico System air handling unit is small enough to be installed in an attic or other out-of-the-way space. Unico ductwork seals with an airtight fit, making sure 100% of the air moves from the central unit throughout the house. Plus, the flexible ducts are made with a nylon core and insulated, preventing thermal loss and maintaining comfortable temperatures in every room in your home.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Because the nylon core is insulated, it’s naturally sound absorbent. Compared to other types of air conditioning systems, Unico is whisper quiet.

Take traditional ducting. Wide, metal traditional ducts are basically echo chambers, so when the system kicks on, that noise is amplified as it’s carried along the air stream. Mini split and ductless systems are noisy, too. With Unico, the air handler can be installed in the attic, but mini split systems are mounted on the wall in every room and will always be operating nearby.

Unico systems are not only designed to absorb sound but can also be customized with additional methods of reducing potential noise. Sound attenuators can be added to reduce vibration. If you’re still experiencing noise, ask your local Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) about adjusting the layout. Check out the Unico Quiet Guide for other ways your UPC can help.


Unico’s small duct system is customized to your needs, so you already have the space you need for installing ductwork in an older home. You don’t have to renovate. Unico can be installed to fit your home, so contact our Design Services team for more information.

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