The Benefit of Unico System Supply Outlets

August 8, 2023

How do you add air conditioning to a home without big, rectangular ducts running through your house? If you’re retrofitting an older home, you’re probably already considering how it will affect your home’s interior design. Unico System supply outlets are designed to be unobtrusive, matching the surrounding finish and maintaining the character of your home, and the system fits in hidden spaces.

What Homeowners Like About Unico

One of the things homeowners like most about Unico is how unobtrusive the system is. If you’re retrofitting a home with air conditioning, adding conventional ducting often requires installing dropped ceilings to hide the ductwork. Unico’s air supply outlets are only 2-2 ½ inches in diameter, and ductwork can be hidden inside the walls.

Customized to Your Space

Nobody wants to look at their air vents. Instead, why not customize them to match your room? Unico System supply outlets come in a variety of colors and finishes, so if you want to preserve unique woodwork or wood floors, Unico has a color to match. They can also be painted to match your existing walls and ceilings!

Your local Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) will know where to install Unico System supply outlets for optimal air flow. If you’re retrofitting an older home, they’ll work with the existing architecture and can thread ducts through the walls and crawl spaces. Don’t forget to share any plans you have for adding a feature with specific placement, such as built-in furniture, to help ensure outlets aren’t obscured.

Experienced Installation Professionals

Find a Contractor in your area to schedule a free quote and ask how The Unico System can be installed with minimal adjustments to your home’s interior. Many of our trained and certified UPCs have experience retrofitting older homes.

Or, contact our free Design Services team to find out how to receive a duct design and layout to match your home.

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Have a historic retrofit or a custom home project? Unico offers FREE Design Services for all of your upcoming projects.

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