Three Things Custom Home Builders Are Prioritizing in HVAC Systems

June 27, 2023

If you’re a custom home builder, you know that every aspect of the project needs to be planned so there are fewer surprises on the job site. An important consideration for any custom home is deciding on what type of HVAC system you’re going to install. After all, HVAC systems affect every room in the home on multiple levels from design, aesthetics, comfort, and more.

To make this crucial decision easier for your next project, learn three important things more custom home builders are prioritizing in HVAC systems.

Custom Home Builders Want to Use Their Trusted Contractors

With some traditional HVAC systems, custom home builders need to use contractors that are identified by the manufacturer, often called “certified pros”. It throws more unknowns into your project, and you can’t be certain that the skill of outside contractors will match your craftsmanship. That’s why more builders want to work with HVAC systems brands that let them use installation contractors they know and trust.

With the Unico System, you can use the contractors you already know. There’s no hassle with this process since Unico is invested in putting your work in the spotlight. The Unico team is happy to train your contractors on how to install our HVAC systems. In fact, we can send a trainer to your job site for a one- or two-day training session. We have manufacturing reps across the country and offer a two-and-a-half days in-factory training once a month.

Builders Want an HVAC System with Design Flexibility

Traditional HVAC systems have the potential to throw off the entire design of a custom home. You have to figure out how to incorporate the ducts, see what the physical configuration will be, all while ensuring it doesn’t compromise the architectural integrity of the home. When you have a custom home HVAC system that offers design flexibility, many of these time-consuming building hassles fade away.

With all the work you put into designing and building a home, don’t let the HVAC system throw things off. It's one of the main reasons why more custom home builders are choosing the Unico System. The Unico System uses less than one third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can easily be installed in the attic or a closet, so you don’t have to compromise on the custom home design layout. The flexible ducts of the system can be easily woven through ceilings, floors, and wall cavities making installation less construction dependent.

The design flexibility of the Unico System let outlets have a custom look that complements the style of a home’s aesthetic. There is a wide variety of outlet choices that are designed to blend in with the style chosen for your custom home project. Plus, Unico System outlets can be installed in ceilings, floors, and even sidewalls to have a less invasive presence than traditional HVAC systems.

Energy Efficiency is a Major Priority

Builders need to be able to provide tight low-load custom homes to their customers given how in demand they are with buyers. Since more home building projects need tight airflow for added energy efficiency, the small duct / high velocity (SDHV) nature of the Unico System caters to both those needs. Think of it as a custom home HVAC system that was specifically designed to increase energy efficiency.

Third party testing showed that traditional HVAC systems can lose up to 25% of the air that the air handling unit puts out through leaky ductwork. Inconsistent temperatures and high energy bills caused by this statistic often brings down the satisfaction of custom home buyers. In comparison, the Unico System only loses an average of 5%. That means lower energy usage for homeowners and builders get a reliable HVAC system that works towards their tight, low-load standards.

The Unico System is Here to Support Custom Home Builders

The Unico System has everything that custom home builders are looking for in an HVAC system. Our team is committed to supporting builders like you by providing additional assistance with your projects. Contact the Unico Design Services team for a free consultation on the best application of our system for your specific custom home project. For a custom home HVAC system that works with you, choose Unico.

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