Unico Creates New Division Specifically for the Custom Home Industry

February 27, 2023

ST. LOUIS (February 27, 2023)— Unico, Inc., maker of small-duct central heating and air conditioning systems, announced the creation of a new division to specifically answer the needs of the custom homebuilding industry.

“After decades of being the go-to HVAC system for thousands of custom home designers, builders, subcontractors, and owners we’re very excited to create a business division completely dedicated to this unique market,” said Ashton Gavelek, Unico brand marketing manager. “As their name implies, custom homes occupy their own specialized niche in the residential homebuilding industry, and we feel this requires a specialized team of professionals familiar with the wants and needs of this market’s key players.”

Spearheading the manufacturer’s efforts is Ken Ware, Unico custom sales manager. Mr. Ware comes to Unico with a twenty-year history of providing specialized product solutions for the custom home market, having started with his own contracting business, then working his way up to sales manager for a large building product supplier and, most recently, launching several divisions of a regional design-build firm.

Joining Mr. Ware is Maura Intagliata as custom home coordinator. Representing the third generation of the company’s ownership, Ms. Intagliata’s duties include overseeing the infrastructure of the division’s process flows and reporting.

Completing the custom home division is Ms. Gavelek who will handle all manner of marketing activities, communications, and outreach to the custom homebuilding community and ensure they harmonize with Unico’s larger branding efforts.

Mr. Ware states he is “most excited to help architects, builders, subcontractors, and end users of custom homes with their indoor comfort solutions. These professionals and enthusiasts are more informed, innovative, and passionate about their craft than their counterparts in production building and we look forward to forging lasting relationships with this caliber of individuals and companies.”

In addition to the new division, Unico will be adding content and navigation tools specific to the custom home industry to their corporate website.

About Unico Inc.

The Unico System is a small-duct central heating and air conditioning system manufactured by Unico Inc. Ideal for custom and new home construction, older home retrofits and historic preservation, as well as commercial applications, The Unico System takes less than one-third the space of a traditional HVAC system. Unico is an active member of the U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation. For more information, visit www.unicosystem.com.

To learn more about how The Unico System is the perfect solutions for your custom build contact Ken Ware: [email protected]

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