Why Chiltrix by Unico is Perfect for Residential HVAC Upgrades

February 1, 2024

Over the last few years, more homeowners are choosing to re-invest in their current homes. One of the best ways to save on monthly bills while boosting the value of your home is with residential HVAC upgrades. The HVAC system plays a crucial role in your home’s comfort level, air quality and energy consumption.

While the value is clear, you might be wondering about the best way to upgrade your residential HVAC system. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover why Chiltrix by Unico is one of your best upgrade options.

What Makes Chiltrix by Unico an Unmatched Upgrade for Residential HVAC

Air-to-water heat pumps, like Chiltrix, are rapidly growing in popularity. Instead of heating or cooling the air directly, Chiltrix air-to-water heat pumps use water, which is then efficiently circulated throughout the home through fan coil units, radiators, wall-mounted ductless units and more. By using water to affect the air temperature, you’ll be replacing fossil-fuel-burning boilers with a highly efficient electric system. Not only is Chiltrix more sustainable, you won’t have to worry about hydrocarbon refrigerants used in these boilers inside your home.

The Chiltrix System can also seamlessly integrate into energy-efficient HVAC systems like The Unico System. The Unico System uses a small-duct high-velocity system to create draft-free, even temperatures throughout your entire home.

3 Benefits to Expect When Upgrading Your Residential HVAC System with Chiltrix

If you’re looking to upgrade your residential HVAC system, Chiltrix offers three main benefits that make it one of the most preferred options.

1. Sustainability: With Chiltrix you’ll move away from fossil-fuel boilers and water heaters for an HVAC upgrade that’s more friendly to the environment. Plus, all the refrigerants will be outside the house, drastically lowering the risk of exposure.

2. Efficiency: Chiltrix is one of the most energy-efficient air-to-water heat pumps on the market. Thanks to the variable speed compressors, the system wastes less energy since it can easily operate at lower speeds. That means less energy use throughout the year without compromising indoor comfort.

3. Comfort: Water-based residential HVAC systems like Chiltrix make it easier to control custom temperatures in each room of your home. When it’s combined with The Unico System’s air distribution, you get even temperatures, efficient air filtration and reliable ventilation. These two HVAC systems combined can even get close to helping your home achieve a 0% load – where the home offsets most or all of its annual energy use.

How Chiltrix and The Unico System Work Together

The Unico System and Chiltrix are two separate systems that work together to heat and cool a home with high energy efficiency. The main link between the two systems is a buffer tank of conditioned water. Chiltrix uses a variable capacity self-contained refrigerant heat pump to ensure the water is the right temperature before it is used throughout the home. All the refrigerant is factory installed and is kept outside the home for added peace of mind. In fact, there’s no need to recharge the refrigerant unless it’s needed for service.

The Unico System draws the water from the Chiltrix tank and uses it to heat the air inside your home by passing it through a plate-fin heat exchanger. With any common thermostat, you’ll be able to control the temperature inside your home without ugly soffits or noise. Thanks to the efficiency of both systems, each room of your home can be set up with custom temperatures.

The Chiltrix system monitors the water tank on its own and adjusts itself to make sure the water is at the proper temperature for The Unico System to use. Outside of having both systems set to the same mode (heating or cooling), you won’t have to do any tedious manual adjustments between them. Since Chiltrix and The Unico System work so well together, it makes the entire HVAC solution much easier to service.

Residential HVAC Upgrades: What Home Factors You Need to Consider

If comfort and energy efficiency are important to you, Chiltrix is a great residential HVAC upgrade option. For anyone who lives in especially cold climates, you will likely need to add additional radiators or fan coils inside your home for the best energy efficiency. If you have an older home or one without ductwork, pairing The Unico System with Chiltrix is a perfect option. The Unico System is equipped with ducts that can fit in any space. Plus, the system takes up one-third of the space of a traditional HVAC system.

For new construction, combining Chiltrix with The Unico System can significantly help a home achieve low-load status. When these systems work together, you’ll have better zone temperature control, refrigeration management and HVAC simplicity.

Learn More About the Value Chiltrix Can Offer Your Home Today

Upgrade your residential HVAC system with the most efficient air-to-water heat pump on the market. Chiltrix helps your home be more comfortable while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect HVAC solution.

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