HVAC Replacement Series Part 2: Your Guide to Replacing a Mini Split HVAC System

May 2, 2024

While there are a variety of HVAC systems, mini splits gained popularity for being a flexible system that can fit in small spaces. Mini split systems are also great at conditioning individual rooms and are known to be energy efficient. However, there are better HVAC options to replace or upgrade mini split systems with.

In part two of our HVAC replacement series, we’re going to identify the signs that it is time to replace a mini split system and some of the best upgrade options to consider.

When is it Time to Replace a Mini Split HVAC System?

Mini split systems have units that attach to a wall or window to condition the room. While it allows precise heating and cooling, mini splits require a unit present in each space that needs to be temperature controlled. Each unit requires routine maintenance, which can add up quickly. In fact, one of the key signs that a mini split system needs to be replaced is increasingly frequent breakdowns and repairs. Since mini split units can be costly to fix, it’s important to weigh those repairs against the cost of upgrading to a better HVAC system.

Other signs to look for include:

Having an Older System: The lifespan of mini split systems averages 10 to 15 years. Any unit past this window will likely need to be replaced.
Rising Energy Costs: If your mini split unit isn’t conditioning your home air efficiently, your monthly energy bills can increase. It’s a sign that the system needs to run more often to keep up with the temperature set by the thermostat.
Units Making Noise: Usually, mini split systems are quiet while they’re conditioning rooms. If you hear any part of the system making noise, it’s a sign that it could be damaged.

Why You Should Choose The Unico System to Replace a Mini Split System

One of the biggest disadvantages of a mini split system is how the appearance of indoor units clash with the interior. Even when these units are designed to have a low visual impact, they still stick out. With The Unico System, you won’t have to worry about this issue. The air outlet vents are designed to match the décor of almost any home. The vents can be painted or stained to match a variety of interior design styles from modern homes to log cabins. Since The Unico System ducts are small, they can be installed into the floor, ceiling, and even sidewalls.

Get Better Indoor Air Quality for Your Home

Most mini split HVAC systems feature a reusable filter that operates within each individual unit. Since these filters need to be small to fit inside the system, they provide less air filtration when compared to The Unico System. They also need to be cleaned or replaced more often, adding to more ongoing HVAC maintenance.

Air filters for HVAC systems often have a MERV rating. A higher rating means there’s more air restriction to help the filter and capture smaller particles. Mini split systems are often not designed or compatible with high MERV-rated filters. Thanks to its small-duct, high-velocity design, The Unico System can easily handle the high-pressure drops caused by air restrictions, which is why it can be outfitted with MERV 13 filters, offering exceptional protection against airborne particulates.

Since the ducts are smaller with The Unico System, it’s easier to incorporate a UV light cabinet into the system to help disinfect the air that circulates through your home. This offers peace of mind by reducing airborne bacteria and improves your overall indoor air quality.

Optimal Comfort While Being Whisper Quiet

Since there are individual units in every room, mini split systems have zone control. However, they cannot reach the same level of temperature control as The Unico System. Each mini split unit dumps air into a room and often causes uneven temperatures since the system has less power dedicated to circulating air. You do not run into this issue with The Unico System. Through an air principle called aspiration, the ducts create a suction that pulls air around the room into its stream of air. This creates a temperature differential of no more than two to three degrees from what your thermostat is set to.

Every HVAC system, including mini split units, makes noise while running. Even though mini split units are quieter than a traditional system, most of them are not insulated like The Unico System. The Unico air supply tubing uses a nylon inner core that is designed to absorb noise caused by air moving through the system. Even the air handler is designed to isolate noise and vibration to help ensure the entire system stays quiet. It works so effectively that you won’t even notice The Unico System running.

Upgrade Your Home HVAC with The Unico System

By replacing a mini split HVAC system, you could make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and improve indoor air quality. Find a Unico Preferred Contractor near you to get the process started.

Photo Credit: Mike Casey, This Old House

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