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Savvy Property Owner Gets “Hands On” With Help from Unico

Don DeSantis was no stranger to small duct systems, having had them installed in previous restoration projects he oversaw as a general contractor. However, he had never used The Unico System. When it came to renovating a three-story 1850s-era property in the historic Federal Hill neighborhood of Providence, RI, he chose to pair four Unico Systems with mini-boilers to provide superior comfort for the building’s three apartments and also free up room to convert the basement into home office space.

Property restoration is Mr. DeSantis’ personal passion, and his path to the Unico System was methodical and intentional. He chose Unico specifically after researching its efficiencies and being impressed with the wealth of online technical data and customer service acumen. Both would play a major role in this project.


After purchasing the building Don became alarmed with the astronomical heating and cooling costs associated with a 160-year old structure. This discovery, plus his desire to convert the basement into a comfortable-sized home office space, were chief reasons for choosing Unico. Unfortunately, while he was familiar with Unico his installing contractor was not, and the system’s post-installation performance was not what Don knew it should be.

So, he took it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the product and make the necessary changes. He visited Unico’s technical website and enrolled in Unico University, the online training program provided to HVAC professionals who install Unico Systems. Don even purchased a turbo-meter to measure the airflow at all the system’s outlets.

But he didn’t stop there. He contacted Unico customer service as well and, armed with his new training of proper systems operation and professional guidance, shortened the supply duct runs to achieve a properly balanced, comfortable and efficient system.


“Unico’s customer service team is above reproach and the technical materials available from its website are phenomenal,” Don said. In the years since the corrections were made, Don has been able to chart the performance of his Unico Systems in comfort provided to his tenants, room for his office space and, perhaps most importantly, in the reduction of his heating and cooling costs.

As the neighborhood’s name would imply, Federal Hill is home to many homes in the Federalist architectural style dating back to the late eighteenth and early-tomid nineteenth century. The Unico System, a long-time member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is the choice for serious preservationists like Mr. DeSantis due to its ability to provide modern indoor comfort without altering the architectural traits of older and historic properties.


  • Even, draft-free temperatures
  • Quiet operation
  • Zone control options
  • Discreet supply outlets
  • Flexible design and installation


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