Hungarian Hills

Superior Comfort for a Cozy Home in the Hungarian Hills

Twenty miles northwest of the capitol city of Budapest, outside the town of Piliscsaba, in a valley between the Buda and Pilis hills, the Kovacs decided to build their dream home. Featuring sweeping views of the lush valley and surrounding hills, it is an idyllic location for the young couple’s first home. The only problem was how to efficiently heat and cool the new house.

The original design plan called for five gas-fueled split system heat pumps however, that didn’t sit well with the energy mindfulness of the Kovacs – not to mention the burden on their monthly budget to run gas lines from the urban center to the southeast, which would have been astronomical.

So, the Kovacs and their builder had a dilemma: find an efficient and affordable system to heat and cool their new rural home. Luckily, they met someone with the answer.

The Solution

Gabor Bara, owner of Unico Europe Kft., has been installing Unico in Europe for several years. Gabor knew that the only way to provide modern, efficient central HVAC to this all-electric home was with The Unico System. The efficiency of the system’s electronically commutated (E.C.) blower motor coupled with the energy saving features of its iSeries outdoor inverter unit would provide superior heating and cooling well under the couple’s monthly energy budget. Not to mention the compact nature of The Unico System’s air handling equipment and ducting – which uses one-quarter the space of traditional systems – that wouldn’t detract from their new abode’s layout and aesthetics.

Gabor designed a 2-ton Unico System situated in the attic. The system’s compact supply ducting branches off from the attic main duct The air handling unit and main trunk ducting are located in the attic and feed the round ceiling outlets with flexible supply tubing.and feeds the home with conditioned air from the top down, with inconspicuous round outlets terminating in the ceiling. The Kovacs also wanted a system that could provide ventilation with 100% outside air. Under the original design, this would have required a completely separate ducting system, but The Unico System is able to provide fresh air through the same ducts it uses to provide conditioned air.

The Results

The Kovacs couldn’t be happier. They are able to comfortably enjoy their new dwelling without paying exorbitant monthly energy bills. What a great way to start their new life in the Hungarian Hills!

Distributor & Installer

Unico Europe Kft.- Gabor Bara

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Piliscsaba, Hungary

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